Using NEOSYS Finance System

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Importing Accounts and Addresses

Migrate data from OLD system to NEOSYS

Preventing posting in prior years and periods

Consolidating reports between databases

Performing Essential Maintenance of NEOSYS Finance Module

Manual control of payee on payment vouchers

Automatic Details on Ledger Account

Chart of Accounts

Specifying when Financial Year starts

How to "Open New Year"

Entering Opening Balances & Items

Working of Inter Currency Conversion

Processing Postdated Cheques in NEOSYS

Handling Exchange Losses & Gains in NEOSYS

Avoiding Invoice and Credit Note combinations appearing on Client A/c Statements

Understanding the difference between Ledger A/c printout and Statement printout

Presenting Trial Balances and Financial Statements in a non-base currency

Showing subsidiary charts in the main trial balance

Understanding VAT/Sales Tax in the NEOSYS finance module

Revaluing closing balances

Entering Multi-period journal batches

Understanding the term ACCOUNT and its various statements

Closing an account with multiple currencies

Handling receipts in one currency to pay off invoices in another currency

Handling supplier invoices which are less then the accrual due to currency gains

Handling intercurrency allocation

Handling obsolete/unused accounts

Moving accounts between ledgers

Explaining what the intercurrency conversion account is

Cheque Design and Printing

Setting up a new company in existing/new database

Posting receipts and payments to bank accounts in non base currencies

Stopping recurring journals before their term is over

Designing a multi-financial year P&L Financial Statement

Printing PDC cheque

What is the difference between Chart of Accounts and Ledger?

Handling very detailed Job Types in the Chart of Accounts for P & L

Account of PDC with Due Date column

Obtaining Cash Flow Forecast for Post Dated Cheques

How to revalue open item accounts "as at" periods that have been cleared in Clear Open Items

How to setup inter company accounts and do inter company postings

Handling Rebates in NEOSYS