Migrate data from OLD system to NEOSYS

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1 Migrating Data from old system to NEOSYS

1.1 Strategy

In the process of migration, we are not going to import all the previous year's finance data as this would be near to impossible to replicate each receipt, payment, journal etc. which was done in the past. Moreover there is no way you will discard your earlier finance package immediately because it contains some critical information which will be required by auditors in the years to come. Hence in your old system you will close the books on a particulate date and generate a detailed balance sheet with closing items and balances which will be imported into NEOSYS as opening items and balances. This is the best way to move to a fresh, specialized finance package like NEOSYS and is an accepted practice for migrating to new finance packages.

1.2 Preparation of information which needs to be imported for Finance

First step is to close your books in the old finance package on a particular date. It is not necessary that you have to wait till your year-end closing date to migrate to NEOSYS and can rather just mid way during the year or anytime depending on your choice decide to move to NEOSYS and you will still be able to do your year-end closing absolutely perfectly.

For example if you decide to move to NEOSYS from 1st of May, 2009; you will close your books (after invoicing and entering all transactions up-to 30th April, 2009) and generate a balance sheet on 1st May. The balance sheet should have the following information:

  1. For each client – an outstanding statement (all items o/s for the client and not just a balance)
  2. For each supplier – an outstanding statement (all items o/s for the supplier and not just a balance)
  3. For all other account heads – (eg Furniture, Bank Balance etc) just a balance per account head

This information will be entered into NEOSYS as Opening Items and Opening Balances. For more information on this refer to Entering Opening Balances & Items