Setting up a new company in existing/new database

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Setting up a new company in existing/new database

Draft email requesting info required to add new company to existing/new database

For an existing database, first go through the Client System and find out how companies have been created and the exact information required to create a new company. If there is a need to draft an email to the client then edit the following template according to the info required.

Dear XXX,

To open the new company can we please have the following info:

1. Letterhead:
   -Exact company name to appear on invoices etc
   -Tax registration number (If UAE/KSA/Bahrain company)
   -Address for letterhead
     - Must be a *.JPG or *.GIF or *.PNG file 
     - Must be about 100 pixels high and proportionally wide with NO MARGINS or WHITE SPACES inside the file.
     - A correctly sized image MUST be created from the ORIGINAL graphic design file (eg. Photoshop PSD).
Crude resizing of image files using image editing programs is unacceptable. This is because random
re-pixelation of the edges and (especially) the text from an already pixelated image leads to an
unacceptable loss of quality.
(Click here to see why NOT to resize images for letterheads: ) 2. Any new users: -Full Name -Email Address (to get passwords) -User role(s) department/position etc (for authorization level) 3. Existing Users Access Rights: -Who should have access to the new company? 4. Default Market for the Company 5. Bank Accounts: -Full payment instructions - if required to appear on invoices 6. First Financial Year 7. General Accounts: -Client: Shared existing list? OR create new private clients list/chart? -Suppliers: Share existing list? OR create new private supplier list/chart? 8. Invoice Numbering: -Prefix for the new company (usually one letter) -The numbering pattern for the following documents. We recommend starting all the numbers at DIFFERENT points to make it easier to know what document somebody is talking about when they only give you a number. Please confirm if the below numbering pattern is okay to be used. Media module Starting Schedule Number: 1000 Starting Media Invoice Number: 20000 Job module Starting Job Number: 5000 Starting Purchase Order Number: 15000 Starting Estimate Number: 25000 Starting Job Invoice Number: 40000 ( Refer to Principles of Document numbering in NEOSYS:- ) 9. Timesheet module: - Timesheet Administrators: - Timesheet alert email recipients (Users who will receive Timesheet Summary emails):
** In addition to the points above, ask for the following information if setting up a new company in a new database

9. Base Currency of the dataset

10. IP restrictions: 
       List of IP numbers from which NEOSYS can be accessed

11. Backup email notification recipients: 
       List of people to receive email reports about the daily backup

12. Allowed domains in email addresses 
       List of allowed domains for user's email addresses

Best Regards,

Setting up a new company in an existing database

The following procedure also applies to adding a new company to a multi-company installation in existing database.

  1. Get Management approval
  2. Letterhead - to be configured using the usual setup details at Configuring Letterhead
  3. Create a new company in the Company File by specifying the required details.
    • The Financial Year Starts field MUST be set up correctly BEFORE posting any transactions into the system. If this is changed after posting any transactions, then it can cause confusion and various reports to show unexpected results. (Refer to Setting up and Configuring NEOSYS Finance System for instructions on how to set up the start of Financial Year).
    • The company code must be a letter even if previous existing companies use a numeric company code.
    • Specify a single letter prefix for the company, which is used for invoice numbering. A single alphabetical prefix is always preferred as it saves time for users when keying in document numbers.
    • The database will have to be converted to allow invoice numbering per company, if invoice numbering per company is set to 'No' in Media/Job Configuration file and data has already been entered into NEOSYS. (Refer to Converting database to "invoice numbering per company" for more details on configuring invoice numbering per company).
    • Enter the exchange gain, exchange loss and inter-currency conversion account numbers.
    • Enter payment instructions specific to this company and it will appear on all invoices for this company. (Refer to Configuring Payment Instructions for instructions on how to set up payment instructions).
    • If you need inter-company entries to be made then follow the instructions in How to setup intercompany accounts and do intercompany postings
  4. In the Chart of Accounts, lock the chart code BL (Cash and Bank Ledger) to the main company and create an additional Cash and Bank ledger for the new company. You can also create additional charts for Sales/Purchase/AR/AP/TC/TD and lock the existing ones to the earlier company. However, mostly these charts are shared between companies. In no instance will you unlock the Cash and Bank Ledger to be shared between the companies. Since you can have multiple subsidiary charts under one control account, you can operate a mixture of common accounts (i.e. across all companies) and private accounts for any particular company. Accounts may be moved between charts of the same control a/c to segregate the accounts into common or private charts, but this is possible only if moving from a company-specific chart to either an open chart or to a chart locked to the same company.
  5. Journal Setup – Add any new private ledgers where necessary otherwise posting will be disallowed
  6. Configure starting number for the new company under Media/Jobs>Invoice>Invoice Numbering (refer to Invoice Numbering) and numbering pattern under the Media/Job config file.
    • The starting number should be consistent with the existing companies' document numbering.
    • If the database is configured to show year in the Invoice number, then the starting number cannot be set as it will start from 1 each year.
  7. Create New users for the Company in the Authorisation file. Assign appropriate access rights for the existing users for the new company.

Setting up a new company in a new database

In addition to the steps under Setting up a new company in an existing database, the following has to be done when setting up a new company in a NEW database

  1. Configure base currency of the new database in the Company file
  2. Configure Client Security Mark
  3. IP restrictions: Add the list of IP numbers from which NEOSYS can be accessed from in the System Configuration file and Authorisation file. Refer Access Restriction in NEOSYS
  4. Backup email notification recipients and allowed domains in email addresses: Configure the list of people to receive email reports about the daily backup and list of allowed domains for user's email addresses in System Configuration file.