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Closed Period - Finance and Closed Period - Operations

Closed Period - Finance prevents creation or amendment of jobs, orders or estimates prior to the closed period in the Jobs module and schedules in the Media module. Backdating supplier invoice dates are also affected by these restrictions.

Closed Period - Operations allows separate closing of operations from financial transactions. If omitted then the old Closed Period - Finance is used.

Open Items cleared upto

Shows what period open items have been clear up to. For a full record of all clearing you still need to use Support Menu, Log File and search for CLEAR

See Performing essential maintenance of NEOSYS and Clear Open Items

Maximum Invoice Date

Maximum invoice date can be restricted. This can be used to prevent invoicing in a new month or a new year until appropriate financially.

Financial Year Starts

Used to configure the start of a new financial year when a new company is set up.

Exchange Gain and Exchange Loss A/c No

Postings to the exchange gains and losses accounts defined on the Company File are not allowed. Exchange Gains and Losses are automatically posted into these accounts when NEOSYS detects gains or losses on allocation of vouchers to each other and by the NEOSYS revaluation program. Since there is generally no need to perform manual postings into these accounts, and to ensure the integrity of these accounts, NEOSYS now requires that any manual postings are performed into a separate manually managed account which would have to be created manually.

Other Companies

These fields are used to facilitate inter-company transactions. See How to setup inter-company accounts and do inter-company postings