Invoice Numbering

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  • Here you can only specify the next number of a particular type of document with the option of keeping different start numbers for different companies. It is recommended to start all the numbers at DIFFERENT points to make it easier to know what document somebody is talking about when they only give a number e.g. Job number:2000, PO:3000, Estimate:4000.
  • The starting numbers for invoices are entered per company line (as shown in the screenshot above).
  • The starting numbers for invoices on each row MUST be different from the starting number entered in the row "Default/All companies/Proformas". This is because if an invoice is generated with the same number as an existing proforma, then the proforma will be overwritten by that invoice.
  • Any changes made would be effective on the documents created thereon.
  • In Media, you can modify the numbering for the plans, schedules and invoices.
  • In Production, you can modify the numbering for the jobs, purchase orders, estimates and invoices. Also refer to

Allowing separate Job/PO/Estimate number sequences per company