Handling Rebates in NEOSYS

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Handling Rebates in NEOSYS

Follow the steps below for posting rebate received/paid in NEOSYS:

  1. Create AVR accounts and AVR Provision accounts for media/job types in the P&L Ledger. The rebate account codes should be identical to the existing income and cost accounts with "AVR" prefixed or postfixed with "P" at the end for provision accounts.
  2. Link the AVR accounts to their respective media/job types file.
  3. Once the media/job invoices are generated, create entries in JOU journals for the AVR account. You MUST enter the analysis code otherwise NEOSYS will not allow you to save the batch. Save and Post the batch.

Billing analysis reports will give you the rebate paid/received. On running the billing analysis report, you will see the discounts getting reflected.

Below are sample screen shots for each of the above steps:



The manual entries to be made in JOU journal are:

Dr AVR income discount
Cr AVR income discount provision
Cr AVR cost discount
Dr AVR cost discount provision