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1 Journals

1.1 Journal Entry/Query

Allows you to query unposted/posted journals under various Journal Types and enter journals manually. Unposted journals can be saved and posted into ledgers.

1.2 Unposted Journals

Allows you to list, print, validate or post unposted journals. Unposted journals can be selected using the company, journal type and period OR batch no filters.

1.3 Journal Audit/Export

Allows you to list, print, export to Excel (with or without header) the posted journals. Posted journals can be selected using filters like Journal type, period range and batch number range.

1.4 Recurring Journals

Allows you to save and post journals that occur follow a schedule and occur every accounting period.

1.5 Revaluation Journals

1.6 Reversing Journals

Allows you to reverse a whole batch and create new batch from the original batch with new voucher numbers.

1.7 Journal Setup

2 Vouchers

2.1 Voucher File/Deallocation

2.2 Voucher Allocation

2.3 List of Vouchers/Voucher Search

2.4 List of Accounts Pending Allocation

3 Ledgers

3.1 Ledger Account

3.2 Statement of Account

3.3 Account Reconciliation

3.4 Collections File

3.5 Chart of Accounts File

3.6 Chart of Accounts Printout

3.7 Report Design

4 Reports

4.1 Trial Balances

4.2 Financial Statements

4.3 Aged Balances Report

4.4 Cash Flow Report

4.5 Account Analysis Report

4.6 Tax/VAT Return Report

4.7 Budget File

5 Companies

5.1 Company File

6 Currencies

6.1 Currency & Exchange Rate File

6.2 List of Currencies & Exchange Rates

7 Maintenance

7.1 Clear Open Item Statements

7.2 Open New Year

7.3 TAX Rate File

8 Settings