Unposted Journals

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1 Action

1.1 List

This option gives a list of the batches that are unposted along with details like Journal type, unposted batch no. Period, user who saved the batch, date and time of saving the batch, number of vouchers in the batch, number of lines in the batch and voucher numbers in each of the batches listed.

1.2 Print

This option prints the entire list of unposted batches selected according to the filter. The format of the printout is similar to a journal entry printout.

1.3 Validate

This option validates each journal entry selected according to the filter. It checks why a particular batch is unposted and provides validation messages e.g. amounts don’t balance, doesn’t have an intercompany account, OK to post etc.

1.4 Post

This option checks if the unposted journals are OK to post and posts them (Action of posting is irreversible and can only by reversed with a reversing journal) if found OK to post. It lists the batches that were posted or not posted along with validation messages e.g. Batch number A-PUR-13 has been posted ok (no errors found), Batch number A-PUR-4-U cannot be posted because of the following errors etc.

1.5 Export xls

This option exports the unposted voucher data into an Excel spreadsheet (xls file) with the headers of each column.

1.6 xls (no header)

This option gives a similar report as the Export xls option except that column headers are not present in the spreadsheet.

2 Company

Company in Finance>Settings is chosen automatically. Enter the company code manually or use the search icon to choose from list of existing companies to filter unposted batches by a single company. Only one company can be selected at a time.

3 Journal Type

Choice to view unposted journals of a particular journal type e.g. Media Invoices, Purchase Invoices etc. or All journal types

4 Period

Two fields to enter the starting period and stopping period to filter the results. Same period entered in both fields filters unposted batches for that single period. Leaving this filter blank checks for all available periods.

5 OR Batch Numbers

Use a starting batch number and a stopping batch number to filter the results. Either this OR the period filter will be used depending on if the fields are empty or not. If batch no. filter is entered then it takes preference over period filter entered.

6 Export Voucher Lines

Same function as the "Export Voucher Lines" option in the Journal Audit/Printout screen.