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1 Job No.

Create new or open existing job

Enter existing job no. code or Search for specific job no..

This feature is common throughout NEOSYS

2 Period

Period in which the job file was opened

In new job, current period is shown automatically.

3 Brand

Product name of the job

Enter existing Brand Code or part of the Brand Name or Press F7 to Search or F6 to create new.

4 Company

The internal company in which the job is created

Enter existing company code or Search for specific company.

5 Status

The most recent job status

The default value is OPEN for a new job. Also can be changed to CLOSED or REOPENED.

6 Market

Market for which Ad was created.

Enter company code, search for existing company or create new company.

7 Type

Nature of the job.

Enter job type code, search for existing job type or create new job type.

Jobs can have one or more type i.e. A job can have Printing and also have artwork and creative design. All these types cannot be selected together. In this case, NEOSYS has an option to leave this field blank and enter the type in an estimate and in the proper line.

8 Executive

Current Job Owner's Name

Default executive name is picked up from the Client and Brand file of the selected brand, otherwise it is updated with the current user's User code as shown in the User details page in NEOSYS. For more info see Executive in Client and Brand File

If you want to remove executives from the list, see How do I remove executives that are no longer present or required in NEOSYS

9 Attention

Client Representative's Name.

10 Description

Contains header information, between one or two words, for the detailed information in the Brief.

11 Brief

Contains technical information regarding the type of media chosen.

We can copy brief to estimate / purchase invoice.

The details mentioned can be used for reference purposes.


  1. The nature of information entered in the ‘brief’ may differ based on the mode of functioning of the agency.
  2. At all times please press F9 to save the data before moving on to another window.

12 Purchase order and Estimate/Invoice

Purchase Order and Estimate/Invoice are explained in the Purchase Request/Order/Invoice File and Estimate File

13 File Archives

Storage for related Job Files (e.g.: Artwork Samples etc)

14 Job versions

Shows Job File's Version History.

Amendments to Job (including invoicing) lead to new version creation.