Troubleshooting NEOSYS Job System

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1 List of Estimates for a specific executive has extra or missing estimates

Changing the executive on a job in NEOSYS normally moves the estimate from the old executive to the new executive as you would expect. However it has been noticed that once you update an executive on the job, it does not update the estimates for the purpose of searching. Hence on the List of Pending Estimates or the List of Estimates, you cannot search with the new executive name. Rather if you generate an entire list and display it "by executive" wise, you will see the name of the new executive in the list. Bottom line is that changing executive names on the job, doesnt update the search function for the estimates.

1.1 Temporary Fix

Get all users out of NEOSYS and in maintenance mode press F5


1.2 Cause and Permanent Solution

Determine the date and time of the change of the executive from the Job File version history and check for server failures/damaged files at that time.

If no server failures or damaged files then investigate the circumstances of the change of executive on the job with the user who did the change and report all information to NEOSYS programmers to try and determine the cause and provide a long term solution.