Setting up and Configuring NEOSYS Timesheets System

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1 Creating Activities for Timesheets

  1. Go to Menu > Timesheets > Files > Activity File ( Keyboard Shortcut - Alt+M, T, F, C)

  2. You will see the activity file. Enter the details as follows:
    • Type Code - Reference code for the activity.
    • Type Name - The Activity Name
    • Department name - Department to which Activity is tagged


  3. Click on Save

1.1 Activities already setup in NEOSYS for Timesheets

NEOSYS has a list of activities setup in the standard database for groups in the authorisation file. e.g Creative group has activities like Artwork, Copy writing, layout etc all relevant to the job type of users in the group.

You can use the pre setup activities for a new group also. First you will have to figure out if the job type of the new group is similar to any existing group. Then rename or add a group heading to the new group with a name similar to the existing group whose activities you want it to inherit.

e.g a group called Digital which does not have any activities setup. You figure out that the work done by the users in this group is similar to Creative group and there is already a creative group present with its own set of users. So for Digital to have Creative group's activities, add a line "Creative2" below Digital.

Table below showing the set of activities setup in the standard database.

Attend briefing session by Account Service Administration Administration Administration Administration Administration Administration
Do airing copies Archiving/ backup Archiving/ Backup Audio Recording Analysis Brief with Client Service Business Chatting
Arrange for PPM Briefing Artwork Supervision Brand development Business travel Business travel Business Travel
Attend radio sessions Business travel Business travel Business travel Creative brief Media buying Internal Meeting
Brief in animation work Concept development Concept development Budget / Forecast Client Meetings Client's meeting Monthly Reports
Brief in TV edits to radio Client meeting Creative Execution Creative brief Co-ordination of network offices Coordination with other offices / Media Personal Leave
Brief production H Contract Client presentations Client meeting Contact Report Competitive monitoring Sick Leave
Brief in radio Correspondence Correspondence Contract Correspondence Other meetings with Client Service Supplier Meeting
Brief to bid suppliers Copywriting Copy writing Contact report Contact Follow up on issues
Business travel Final Artwork Final Artwork Correspondence Event Management and Logistic Planning Follow up on material & campaigns
Follow up on client service quote approval Finance Idle Time Creative review Financial Idle Time
Invoices suppliers Idle Time Internal Meeting Estimates Job brief Invoicing clients
Negotiate quote Illustration Internal reviews + presentations Follow Up Media Media monitoring Media Research
Negotiate & renegotiate quote Internal meeting Image Search Account financials Personal Media monitoring
Produce animatics Layout Layout Follow-up Production Press Release development Media negotiation
Write production brief Personal Print production briefing Follow Up Supplier Personal travel Other Research/ Web browsing
Personal Photography Personal Idle Time Research Proposals / Creative buys
Post production Proof reading Proof reading / color seps. Internal Meeting Reports Media planning
PPM Print supervision Photography supervision Media brief Strategy development Media presentation
Present quotes to client Personal travel Personal travel Media review Sick Leave Media recommendations
Produce radio spots Photo retouching Photo retouching New business TV Production Media scheduling
Phone calls to suppliers Storyboard Radio/ Audio production supervision Production brief Sending material
Personal travel Sick Leave Recording Session Project List Sick Leave
Quotes to Account Service Search Web / Image/ premium TVC Storyboard development Production review Supplier's meeting
Search for directors Traffic Sickness PR Review Strategic planning
Shoots Training/ Seminar Traffic PR Brief Media scene updates
Sick Leave TV Production TV production briefing Research Internal training
TV Production Training Photo Shoot
Write creation details to suppliers "TV production, shoot supervisions" Sick Leave
TV Production Supplier's Meeting
Viewing show reels T.V. Production
Web Mastering

2 Setting Hourly Rates for Users

  1. Go to Menu > TimeSheets > Files > Hourly Rates File (Keyboard Shortcut - Alt+M, T, F, H)
    Timesheet hourlyratemenu.jpg
  2. Enter the Hourly Rate against the user-name of the employees.
    Timesheet hourlyratefile.jpg
  3. Click on Save

3 Timesheets Configuration File

  1. Go to Menu > TimeSheets > Files > Configuration File (Keyboard Shortcut - Alt+M, T, F, F)
    Timesheet configmenu.jpg
  2. You will see the timesheet configuration file. Enter the details as required:

    Timesheet configfile.jpg

3.1 Maximum Working Days Delay

This field controls the number of working days before the current date, for which the users can enter timesheet data.

e.g. in the above screenshot Maximum Working Days Delay is set to 7. This means that if a date is more than 7 working days old, then the user will be blocked from entering timesheet for that date.

Public holidays entered in the Market File and Away/Holiday dates entered in the User Details page are not counted in the Maximum Working Days Delay.

3.2 Setting up Approval Monitors

Support staff MUST ensure that users who should receive the Reminder/Approval emails are mentioned in this field. The first monitor on the list MUST have TIMESHEET ADMINISTRATION authorisation otherwise he will not be able to access the Timesheet Reminder/Summary documents and get an error message "You are not authorized to do Timesheet Administration".

4 Avoiding timesheet reminders / approval emails

NEOSYS, by default, does not send reminders to people who have not entered any timesheets in the last 31 days.

4.1 Specifying user specific holiday to avoid reminders / approval emails

You can specify user specific holidays or annual leave or any other off days for a particular user. This can be done by a Timesheet Administrator and you have to go to the neosys2 URL using only Internet Explorer and follow the steps below:

  1. Select the user from the drop down
  2. Specify the leave dates (do not delete old ones, but instead just add new lines for new dates)

Timesheet userfile.jpg

4.2 Specifying holidays for all users to avoid reminders / approval emails

NEOSYS Timesheets does not remind users to fill in previous days empty/incomplete timesheets if the market file (default market code specified in either Media or Job Configuration File) has either weekends or specific holidays mentioned in it.

Timesheet marketfile.jpg

5 Avoiding reminders for dates prior to the joining date of users

Once the timesheet system is configured and running you are aware we have a start date in the Timesheet Configuration File. As such if ANY user does not fill in timesheet from this date onwards, the system will keep sending reminders. For example, this could be annoying if the user has joined 2 months after the start date and is reminded to fill in timesheets for these 2 months. In such a case you will configure the period of the use absence in the user details file as a workaround to avoid the reminders. This can only be done by a Timesheet Administrator.

6 Configuring users to receive approval emails

Users belonging to the group which is granted a TAP key will receive the approval emails. These users have to be placed on top of the group, they will receive the approval emails daily for all the users in his group. There can be multiple group approvers at the head of the group and they all get a copy of the approval emails daily.



6.1 Setting up weekly approval emails

To setup weekly approval emails for multiple timesheet approvers belonging to different groups, give TA (timesheet administrator key) in addition to TAP to the the timesheet administrator. The timesheet administrator will now receive approval emails for all the timesheet approvers under him till the next timesheet administrator in the file.


6.2 Configuring a user to receive approval emails in more than one department

It maybe possible that a Timesheet Approver may be the same in more than one department. In such a case, you enter the email id of the approver/s in the level/department i.e in user Ashwin for below example. This will help approver/s to receive approval emails for both user groups.


Timesheet auth approval.jpg

7 Simplifying access for mobile timesheet users

Timesheet users outside the office can be given a streamlined interface to enter their timesheets.

  • web address is easier to remember
  • web address is easier to type on mobile devices
  • no need to use menu
  • goes directly to Timesheet data entry

For example:

redirects into the Timesheet File for data entry

To do this, replace or create the index.htm page in the root directory of the web server

notepad c:\Inetpub\wwwroot\index.htm

Note - YOU MUST change the https url in the below example to point to your own server.

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
<meta http-equiv="REFRESH" content="0;url=></HEAD>


8 Timesheet Reminders Email

Timesheet reminder emails are sent to users on a certain hour of everyday (see timesheet configuration file, 'Reminder Hour').

The email reminds users which dates require timesheets to be filled and provides usually two links giving the user option to access timesheet entry page from either inside or outside the office (if mobile).

To modify these links see 'Browser Addresses' in the System Configuration File. The timesheet reminder email shows the links entered in system configuration file, with "/2/jobs/timesheets.htm" appended to them.


9 Disabling Timesheets for a Client

  1. In the authorisation file remove the Timesheet menu access from all the users.
  2. Do not remove the other timesheet authorisations in the authorisation file because if in future the client wants to reactivate timesheets it will be easier for support to set it up again at that time.
  3. In the timesheet configuration file remove
    • The Start Date
    • The Approval/Reminder Hours
    • The Approval/Reminder Monitors

10 Importing Activities

Preparing a file of activities to import

Valid columns for activity file are below:

  • ACTIVITY CODE - required, unique, three letter code advisable. It is recommended that first letter is same as that of department code
  • ACTIVITY NAME - required, lower case allowed.
  • DEPARTMENT - required, uppercase forced. It must be in the authorisation File.

Get an excel sheet containing the columns above and save the file as activity.txt in tab delimited text format.

Importing the activities file

Do the actual import into a test database until you verify that all is ok.

In NEOSYS Maintenance mode press F5 to get a command box

First do a trial import which doesn't actually import as follows. The only error that this does not catch is if you have duplicate activity codes in the file to be imported so check against that carefully BEFORE importing.


Check that there are no errors and resolve any errors before continuing to do the actual import.


Get a List of activities in the standard user interface to check that all have been loaded ok.