Remote assistance using Teamviewer

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NEOSYS uses the commercial license of Teamviewer 7 which is only compatible with TeamviewerQS client.

Please use TeamviewerQS instead of the latest version you may have.

1 How to get Teamviewer QS

For remote support download TeamviewerQS by:

  1. Going to TeamviewerQS or NEOSYS Menu -> Help -> NEOSYS Help Desk.
  2. Choosing the appropriate operating system either Windows or Mac.
  3. Save the download file and install.

2 How to give NEOSYS Support access to view/control your desktop using TeamviewerQS

  1. Run TeamviewerQS from Start > Program Files
  2. Once TeamviewerQS has opened up, get auto generated ID and Password as displayed on the screen and give it to Support.
  3. Support will then connect to your computer.
  4. If you need to give them control of your desktop (i.e. move the mouse, type etc) you need to click on Allow Remote Control.
  5. Do not logout, this will cause the TeamviewerQS session to close and a new password will be required by Support.

3 How to change your TeamviewerQS

  1. If TeamviewerQS is running, close it.
  2. Click on Start –> Run –> Type %appdata% –> delete Teamviewer folder.

4 Overcome the "Commercial Use suspected" message

  1. Delete registry folder: hkcu/software/teamviewer and hklm/software/teamviewer
  2. Restart your TeamviewerQS and you should get a new ID and also should solve the “Commercial Use Suspected” problem.