Material File

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Detailed information about materials used for an ad in a schedule.

1 Material No.

Code assigned to Material.

It is given as combination of Schedule Number + "." + Material Letter. For example, a schedule with code XXX9999 which has three material letters A, B and C within it automatically creates three new materials in the material file with Material No.s of XXX9999.A, XXX9999.B and XXX9999.C.

2 Material Code

Field indicating if Material is pending delivery.

3 Description / Instructions

Any specific instructions related to the material.

4 Client

Shows name of Client whose ad require given material.

5 Client Brand

Client Brand for which Ad is created.

6 Vehicle Code

Shows code of vehicle used for advertising.

7 Vehicle Name

Shows name of vehicle used for advertising.

8 First Appearance Date

Date at which material first appears in given schedule.

9 Schedule No.

Schedule in which material appears.