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1 Market code

Unique code assigned to a market.

Open an existing supplier record by entering its code or create a new supplier record by entering a new supplier code.

2 Market name

The name of the market as it is to appear in all documents issued by NEOSYS.

Enter market name.

3 Main currency

The main currency of the market.

Enter an existing currency code if you know it or Press F7 to search or F6 to create.

4 First Day of the Week

Highlights the day in the calendar to indicate start of new week.

Enter a number corresponding to day of the week.

5 Highlight Days

Other days to be highlighted.

If no day selected, the day selected in 'First day of week' is used.

Changes can be seen on Invoices printed in Grid form. (See invoicing options)

6 Public Holidays

Days off on which reminder emails are not sent on.

Enter Public Holidays.

7 Alias Codes

See What are alias codes