Invoice Delivery Note

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Invoice Delivery Note is useful when formally delivering invoices to clients either physically or electronically. It lists the invoices together with various summary information and providing a place for signature on receipt.

1 Invoice No.

Invoice No.(s) for which delivery note is to be generated.

Enter an existing Invoice no.

You can print multiple invoices by separating invoice numbers by commas ",".

2 Client

Filter for specific client(s)Client to whom delivery note is to be sent.

Enter existing client code or Search for specific client.

3 Delivery Address

Client Address where delivery is to be made.

Enter client address.

4 Attention

Name of person to whom deliverables are addressed.

Enter client representative's name.

5 Company

Shows Company Code of job file creator.

Enter existing company code or Search for specific company.

6 Despatch Date

Date at which deliverables are despatched.

Enter despatch date. Shows current date by default.

7 Show Amounts

Show invoice amount.