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This is the NEOSYS User Support Wiki.


General FAQ

Agency FAQ

Media FAQ


Finance FAQ

Timesheet FAQ

Sales FAQ

2 Using NEOSYS

Using NEOSYS Generally

Using NEOSYS Agency System

Using NEOSYS Media System

Using NEOSYS Job System

Using NEOSYS Finance System

Using NEOSYS Timesheets System

3 Configuring NEOSYS

Setting up and Configuring NEOSYS Generally

Setting up and Configuring NEOSYS Agency System

Setting up and Configuring NEOSYS Media System

Setting up and Configuring NEOSYS Job System

Setting up and Configuring NEOSYS Finance System

Setting up and Configuring NEOSYS Timesheets System

4 Troubleshooting NEOSYS

Troubleshooting NEOSYS Generally

Troubleshooting NEOSYS Agency System

Troubleshooting NEOSYS Media System

Troubleshooting NEOSYS Job System

Troubleshooting NEOSYS Finance System

Troubleshooting NEOSYS Timesheets system

5 Reference

This section is not complete.

The Media Menu

The media module in NEOSYS is used for planning, scheduling, booking and invoicing advertisements in broadcast, press, outdoor and interactive media.

The Job Menu

Job is used for BTL advertising, a job file consists detailed information about the job. Information such as the client, brand, market, bill and cost, etc. is mentioned in the job file.

The Analysis Menu

View, edit and run Media and Billing Analysis reports

The Finance Menu

Support Menu

Help Menu

NEOSYS General User Interface

6 Others

Remote assistance using Teamviewer