List of Purchase Orders

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This reports contains a list of all purchase orders generated by the system.

1 Dates

The date range for which you want purchase orders.

Select the required start and end dates for the time period using the calendar provided.

2 Job Period

Filter for specific time period(s).

Enter desired time period in (MM/YY) format. Click on the (+) icon to select multiple periods.

3 Company

Filter report for specific company(s).

Enter company code, search for existing company or create new company.

4 Client Group

Filter report for specific client group(s).

Enter client group code, search for existing client group or create new client group.

5 Client

Filter report for specific client(s).

Enter client code, search for existing client or create new client.

6 Brand

Filter report for specific brand(s).

Enter brand code, search for existing brand or create new brand.

7 Market

Filter report for specific market(s).

Enter market code, search for existing market or create new market.

8 Type

Filter report for specific media type(s).

Enter type code, search for existing type or create new type.

9 Supplier

Filter report for specific supplier(s).

Enter supplier code, search for existing supplier or create new supplier.

10 Executive

Enter existing executive code or Search for specific executive.