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1 Ledger Account

NEOSYS Ledger Account screen generates a report listing transactions, filtered by account/s or ledger/s, period and various other filters the user can set on this screen.

To take a quick basic ledger printout follow the steps below:

  1. Goto the Ledger Account screen under Menu>Finance>Ledger
  2. Check Finance settings first
    Finance settings.jpg
    • Click on "Change" button to change Finance settings.
    • Choose the period which will act as default if the checkbox under Period or Dates: is ticked.
    • In case of multiple companies in the installation, choose the correct company/companies. Choosing multiple companies gives a consolidated report
    • Check currency conversion settings. By default option is to leave currencies unconverted. You can choose to convert to base currency/1 single currency
  3. EITHER select single/multiple accounts OR single/multiple ledgers by manually entering account/ledger codes or using the search
  4. Check type of Ledger account selected for report. By default Movements during the period and Outstanding items at the end of the period is selected.
    Ledger Account - jtypes.jpg
  5. Click OK to generate the ledger printout

1.1 Additional Options

Additionally the following filters are available

  • Period or Dates: Leave the "Use financial period from settings" checkbox ticked, or uncheck and enter from and to periods to filter transactions
  • Format: Choose one format – detailed or simplified
  • Columns: Tick the the "Due Date" and "Dispatch Date" checkboxes if you wish to view the Due date and Dispatch Date columns. The due date and the dispatch date is picked from the voucher file.
  • Billing Analysis columns: Billing Analysis columns will appear automatically on Open Item accounts and Income/Cost accounts (although they are balance forward accounts). Choose Yes to force it on all other Balance Forward accounts and No to suppress it on reports of all account types.
  • Paging: Tick "Per A/c" checkbox if you want printout of each account on a different page. This options forces printing of header after each account.
  • Stationery: Choose stationery – Either pre-printed option which suppresses the header or blank option which forces the printing of header
  • Due Date: Choose due date. This is required if Account type "Overdue items only" is selected.
  • Subtotal by month: Tick the “Outstanding” checkbox if you wish to view the outstanding subtotaled by month
  • Contra Accounts: Choose contra accounts to include/exclude in the report
  • Journal Types: Choose a specific journal type to filter transactions that use it or leave it blank for all journal types
  • Include: Tick the "Unposted Vouchers" checkbox to include unposted vouchers in the report
  • Grouping: Tick the “By company ”checkbox to create a consolidated ledger account of multiple companies but transactions grouped by companies
  • Show Allocation: Tick the “Show allocation” checkbox to show any allocations (eg invoices paid, receipts etc.) in the voucher details column. This reduces the need to type in details during journal data entry and also provides a wealth of additional information on ledger accounts that could previously only be seen by drilling down to the individual vouchers.